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Mojatu Foundation is a social enterprise that sources, collates, manages, and distributes information through regional bi-monthly magazines and online at www.mojatu.com. The magazines are currently published in Nottingham and Berkshire with contents mainly focused on African and Caribbean communities.

We work with young people in media oriented activities by training, engaging and enabling them to progress towards employment, further education and volunteering thus improving their lives.

Girls and women are at the centre of what we do and we run and support girl and women empowerment initiatives both in the UK and Africa. We believe when you improve a girl’s or woman’s life through education, health, safety and opportunity, these changes have a positive ripple effect. As an educated mother, an active, productive citizen and economically empowered, she is the most influential force in her community to break the cycle of poverty.

We are actively involved in ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) campaigns where we train girls and women over 18 years of age with media training and employment opportunities and support them to become their own “Community Champion” reporting on issues affecting them. We are currently in full operation in the UK and will be launching training centres in Africa starting in Kenya, Somalia and Zambia.

We are delighted to be launching our new FGM logo which we will be using in all our FGM campaigns. We will continue working in partnership with other campaigners and we will not rest until we are sure that FGM is a thing of the past. If you want to be a part of what we do, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 0115 8457009 or email us on valentine@mojatu.com.

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We are an innovative and vibrant hub that sources, collates, manages, and distributes information through printing of regional magazines published in the UK – Nottingham and Berkshire and @ www.mojatu.com/magazines. We work with young people in media oriented activities by training, engaging and enabling them to progress towards improving their lives through employment, further education and volunteering.

Secondly, we train and engage people and enable them to progress towards employment, further education and volunteering. We also offer training and placement support to volunteers and students from local universities and colleges. We work in partnership with community groups, local universities and colleges, the council, police, crime management, sports and health groups, community welfare groups, businesses and social enterprises.

Thirdly, we are actively involved in End Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) campaigns where we train girls and women over 18 years of age with media training and employment opportunities and support them to become their own “Community Champion”. The foundation helps us to support community information collation, storage and distribution through training, mentoring and guidance for journalism and creative writing of articles, photography and videoing. Working with volunteers, staff, interns and apprentices, Mojatu Foundation  undertakes community focused media campaigns and engagements in enabling people – such as victims of crime, those involved in crimes, gang violence management, Female Genital Mutilation, Sports and fitness, Inter-community and inter-faith relationships – to become more engaged in community wellbeing. Since our inception, we have trained and facilitated over 56 people aged 14 to 64 to get into employment, volunteering and further education.



Mojatu Foundation Operations Concept Note


Mojatu is committed to transforming individuals and communities through media, training and health initiatives thus empowering and raising their aspirations. We target disadvantaged communities especially women and girls, tackling Female Genital Mutilation, supporting people with mental health issues, within multi-lingual and multi-cultural settings hence offering culturally sensitive and focused solutions.   


Mojatu is made up of two parts:

  • Mojatu Foundation Limited, a social enterprise / charity (Non-Governmental Organisation [NGO]) which is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales – 08955657
  • Mojatu Limited, a profit making arm which is wholly owned by Mojatu Foundation and is registered as a company owned by shares in England and Wales.


We publish bimonthly Mojatu magazines in Nottinghamshire and Berkshire printed and online. We undertake Female Genital Mutilation awareness campaigns, design, media, ICT, journalism, social media, literacy, work-based skills and entrepreneurial knowhow. Our trainees and volunteers are mainly women and girls, FGM survivors, young people (NEET) and all ages from new and emerging communities and mental health patients. We empower them to gain confidence, integrate better, get back to work, signposting while promoting good practice. We organise events, undertake cultural awareness and cohesion activities to celebrate diversity and integration. We undertake community researches, disseminate findings and recommendations and promote good practice.

We currently deliver services in Nottinghamshire and Berkshire but will be expanding services through the upcoming online learning platform. This summer, we will be launching Kutambua (discovery) e-learning, e-library and e-directory platform, audio magazine and multilingual platform with 10 languages – Amharic, Arabic, English, French, Fulani, German, Portuguese, Somali, Swahili and Tigrinya. The e-Library, e-Learning, e-Directory and research platform will help in meeting our organisational and partners’ expectations while increasing networks, courses and support possibilities online and in mobile devices. We will launch the second phase of Community Champion training schemes, FGM courses in August covering general awareness, role of culture and religion regarding FGM and mental health, supporting people within communities, adult learners and training of trainers

We are in discussions or are already working with over 15 education, media, training and health organisations locally, nationally and internationally most prominent of which are Nottingham University, NHS Trust and Trent University. We are in talks with organisations in UK, Europe and Africa to provide wider training, engage more with women, girls, FGM and mental health courses and on working towards empowerment and social cohesion. 







2015      Launched FGM Network + Eco-farm – Conferences National & International         

2014      Launched Mojatu Foundation

2013      Launched Mojatu Berkshire Magazine

2012      Launched Mojatu Nottingham Magazine

2011      Mojatu Limited registered

2009      Mojatu.com registered

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