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Mojatu foundation

Mojatu Foundation is a social enterprise that sources, collates, manages, and distributes information through regional bi-monthly magazines and online at www.mojatu.com. The magazines are currently published in Nottingham and Berkshire with contents mainly focused on African and Caribbean communities.


Our Mission

Provide platform and means of collating, storing and sharing information

Developing training platform that meets local community needs

Our Vision

To transform communities by empowering them in sourcing, accessing and using information.

Our Values

In sourcing and disseminating information and supporting the groups we work with, Mojatu Foundation will uphold the following principles which underpin everything we stand for and do. The core values are summarised below.

Integrity:  We follow robust processes to check the credibility of our sources and ensure that our stories and news updates are factual and also treat all the people we work with, with dignity and respect.

Justice: At Mojatu Foundation, we seek equity and fairness for all. Our information channels will offer a voice for the voiceless and seek to influence society to create a more just social landscape.

Service:  Mojatu Foundation exists to serve, to be an enabler for social cohesion and improvement of lives. To that end, we will devote our resources to meeting the needs of the people we work with.

Transparency: For an organisation dealing in information, we have found it imperative that we open our processes to stand up to scrutiny.  

What We Do?

We’re On A Mission To Solve
The Problems

Health Initiative

Female Genital Mutilaition (FGM)

Mojatu Foundation is a leading organisation in the global campaign to end female genital mutilation (FGM) in a generaiton. ReadMore


Training Projects

We work closely with BME community members to empower them with trianing and skills.

We provide training courses tailored to the needs of refugees and new migrants, who may be at risk from prejudice and hostility.ReadMore


Community Media

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Engaging Communities

We work with a wide cariety of groups and professional bodies to deliver our work. Our partnerships are always established to meet share objectives and make a real difference.ReadMore

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