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Amplifying Voices
Transforming Communities

What is Mojatu?

The Mojatu Foundation empowers black and minority ethnic groups whose needs and voices go unheard. 

We work directly with community members to give them the tools, skills and support they need to harness their skills. 

Our Work

Ending Female Genital Mutilation

Our work tackles discrimination and helps BME communities to have the skills and opportunities to  feel like they belong within the community. 

Publishing Local Media & Magazines

Our diverse community media which includes mojatu magazine and Radio, seeks to empower and represent the people who we work with

Our Trust In The Community

We are experts at engaging BME people on issues that affect them. Including mental health, knife crime and female genital mutilation.

Get Involved With Mojatu

Gaining Opportunities

Providing new migrants and refugees with the skills and training they need to integrate into life in the UK.

Zero Tolerance City For FGM 2016

We support BME communities with issues that particularly affect them like mental health, FGM and knife crime.


Empowered & Provided

Mojatu foundation works to empower and support BME communities in Nottingham at risk from ongoing prejudice and whose needs are often overlooked.

Mental Health & Support

Mojatu Foundation provides Mental Health First Aid and mental health support with the aim of encouraging open conversations and reducing stigma within BME communities.

Meet Our Team

Dr Pheobe Abe (Ambassador)

Dr ABE was born in Uganda and attended Medical School at Makerere University and as a refugee had to complete her degree at Manchester University Medical School. She is an associate member on the All Parliamentary Party Group on FGM and an FGM specilialist supporting survivors.

Councellor Jackie Morris

Jackie Morris, Councillor, Sheriff of Nottingham Councillor Jackie Morris is the current Sheriff of Nottingham and former Lord Mayor of Nottingham representing Bulwell. She is Mojatu’s Nottingham FGM Ambassador and women’s rights activist. 

Valentine Nkoyo

Valentine Nkoyo is the head of our group at Mojatu.   Valentine founded the Mojatu foundation in 2014 and has raised awareness in her community to support young people and women. Focusing on health, education and media. 

Veronica Pickering

Veronica pickering has several nominations and is our head ambassador at Mojatu. Veronica’s efforts has made the nottingham community more supportive, bringing the community closer together. 

Shalom Adebanjo

Shalom is our FGM project leader at Mojatu. She is a law LLB, International law LLM graduate and a PhD aspirant focusing on tackling approaches towards FGM.

Dr Carol McCormick

Dr Carol McCormick has political and supportive connections within Nottingham. 

Our Partners

End FGM And Community Discrimination

Our Testimonials

We encourage and motivate each other and have a laugh!
Lead Creator
I would like to thank the ladies who have organised these sessions and a big thank you to the funders for supporting them!
Mojatu Director
I enjoy the fact its local, ladies only, we can take part to what suits our ability and its just an hour of fun!
Kinsi Clarke
Cool Number

The number of volunteers attending at Mojatu. Let your skills flourish.


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